Facility Management System (FMS)

FMS is designed from the grounds up for multi-site remote monitoring applications. FMS has been successfully deployed in multiple installations to aggregate data from all of Picobox products to serve from a central location, accessible through the web. FMS is fully compatible with the full range of Picobox devices as well as any Modbus RTU/TCP or SNMP device.

Cheetal Technology customizes, inatalls and mantains FMS for industries, like,

  • Water level monitoring in drains or rivers
  • Remote building and lifts monitoring
  • Remote metering for Oil, Gas, Water and electricity
  • ATM Kiosks and POS monitoring and alerting
  • Generator monitoring

FMS provides the following,

  • Linux based secure and reliable system
  • Full web interface
  • Remote management option by Cheetal
  • Alerting through SMS, E-Mail, Pushover
  • Fully customizable alerting and alarm management
  • Access to onsite devices through Modbus and SNMP
  • Picobox Data Cloud

Some example use cases

  • Water & Sewerage: Monitor all of the drains and rivers and dams from one place. Provide public API for alerting about flash floods etc. Systems installed in Singapore for their Public Utilities Board.
  • Traffic Monitoring: Monitor traffic congestion across the city.
  • Remote metering: Meter remotely without sending your staff.
  • ATM Kiosks: Monitor ATM, Battery, UPS, Generator and environment of 1000s of locations from one place
  • Generator Monitoring: Know generator status, oil pressure, temperature, fuel level, oil level, running hours, load, battery etc.
  • Lifts & Building Monitoring: Know before complaints which lifts are failing, which electrical system tripped, HVAC and much more.
  • Automatic Issue Management: Automatically create Issue Tickets depending on remote alarms and track their status.

FMS Installations