MM5K is the latest addition to a line of outstanding stand alone, environmental monitoring solutions, feature packed and ready to run with minimal configuration.


  • Instant alert on alarm conditions.
  • E-Mail and SMS Notifications.
  • Alarms sent as SNMP traps to SNMP Manager.New
  • Received SMS sent as SNMP traps to SNMP Manager.New
  • SNMP traps to SMS forwarding.New
  • Remote Commands via SMS.
  • Extremely easy to use and setup.
  • No moving parts, and a low power consumption for extended life.
  • USB pluggable modems.New
  • 3G ready, preloaded configuration for most telco providers.New
  • SNMP and Modbus TCP/RTU expansion.New
  • Data trending.New
  • Customizable panel mimic screens.New
  • Remote phone management.
  • Automatic health check.
  • Repeat alerts till acknowledged.
  • Picobox Data Cloud integration, view status from anywhere in the world.New
  • Fully compatible with our FMS Remote Monitoring Platform.

MM5K is a significant upgrade from the MM4K, it has a much faster CPU, and much larger memory. Together with SNMP and Modbus expansion it provides a very flexible expansion scheme, with any product supporting SNMP and Modbus

MM5K advantages
  • Send and receive SNMP traps.
  • Monitor SNMP, Modbus enabled equipment, like UPS, routers and even computers
  • Use your existing SNMP Manager, to receive and log alarms as SNMP alerts
  • Redirect SNMP traps to MM5K to alert you through SMS
  • Sync with Picobox Data Cloud, to access the MM5K status from anyplace in the world
  • View trend data for upto 8 tags on a single chart
  • Poll and Control multiple expansion devices using remote commands.
  • Use an external USB GSM Modem, with preconfigured APN information for most providers
  • Use with FMS for multi site remote monitoring requirements