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In todays connected world, real time monitoring is critical. Cheetal Technology provide proven, reliable and easy to use monitoring systems from Linkwise Technology Pte. Ltd. (Singapore). Our collaboration allows us to leverage their widely used and acclaimed series of Picobox, MCONEX and FMS products to deliver high reliability systems for

Cheetal Technology has staff trained directly from Linkwise Technology in Singapore to provides sales, customization, installation and commissioning of

  • PLC, HMI and automation systems
  • Rogowski and CT based power meters from Italy
  • Electrical Panels for Relay, Control and ATS
  • Cloud monitoring system.
  • SCADA systems
  • SMS, E-Mail alerting system
  • Level monitoring and control for tanks
  • Hazardous area monitoring
  • Diesel level and generator monitoring
  • Power monitoring for machines and for departments
  • Machine monitoring, production, down time, status etc
  • Machine OEE, power vs production
  • Remote metering and smart building management and reporting
  • Environmental monitoring of tamperature, humidity, pressure, etc, in cold room, clean room, data centres
  • HVAC systems monitoring
  • Power monitoring (remote or on site) Systems
  • M2M communication
  • Remote monitoring
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mconex best of breed scada

Best of breed SCADA software.

Learn More MCONEX Website
FMS web based multi-site distributed monitoring

Web based multi-site monitoring system.

Learn More
MM5K- picobox modbus snmp, sms, pushover and picobox data cloud


Standalone Module, MODBUS, SNMP, SMS, Pushover and Picobox Data Cloud.

Learn More
picobox versatile remote monitoring products and solutions

Easy to use, versatile remote monitoring products.

Learn More Picobox Website
Algodue- modbus rs485 power meter

Power Meters

Rogowski and CT based meters from Algodue Italy.

Algodue Meters


Real time flood and drain monitoring

Centralized multi site monitoring

Facility management

Cold room monitoring

Data center monitoring

Residential monitoring

Projects by Linkwise Technology

Bank Monitoring and Reporting

MCONEX - bank monitoring and reporting

Mimic Panel Display

FMS Mimic panel display

Power Consumption Display

MCONEX power consumption display using Modbus Smart Power Meters

Facility Monitoring HVAC, UPS, Generator etc.


Singapore Drain Monitoring

FMS PUB (Singapore) Island Wide Water Drain Flood Monitoring

Building and Lifts Monitoring

FMS JTC Building, electrical, mechanical, water and Lifts Ticketing System

Display Panel

FMS display panel mimic from several MM4K, WEC RTU with SMS alerts

Onsite Installation

FMS PUB (Singapore) panel installation with RTU and battery backup solar panel

Typical Mimic Panel

FMS mimic panel installation Singapore