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Dual Tank Motor Controller

Water Tank Level Controller

Cheetal Technology is pleased to provide a complete solution for ensuring that water tanks in the home and the industry are kept filled at an optimum level. This is especially important in places where water is not available 24 hours, and consumers have to switch on their pumps when water is available in the water supply lines.

In many places water comes in the night, and users have to switch on their pumps when that happens and switch off when there is no water. DTMC automates the task so that you don't have sleepless nights anymore.

The system automatically controls the motors for the underground (boring or suction) as well as overhead tank.


  • Dual motor control
  • Automatically switches off motor when there is no water in the tank
  • Prevents overflow for both tanks
  • Flow switch to check for flow in boring/suction motor, and switch off motor if there is no water in the line
  • Safe insulated electrical connections to sensors
  • Easy to install
  • Maintenance free
  • Available in industrial version


Diesel Sentri

Diesel Sentri is a diesel generator and fuel tank monitoring solution. The Diesel Sentri updates data at regular intervals to our cloud server, from where clients may login to view the current status or to view the archived data.

User can set alerts to be sent through SMS/Email on alarm conditions, for example on,

  • Low fuel
  • Low oil presusre
  • Maintenance time
  • Run time
  • Over current
  • Rapid loss of fuel
  • When fuel is added

Cheetal Cloud Connector

Cheetal Cloud Connector (3C) is an economical way of connecting different systems to our cloud server, from where the status of the system can be monitored remotely.

  • Connect directly to dry contact inputs, and upload status to server
  • Connect to Modbus (TCP / RS485) / SNMP devices and upload data
  • Connect to any serial device, like inverters etc, and upload data