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Coldroom and Refrigerators Monitoring

Keep an eye on your refrigeration systems 24/7

You need all the help to keep your inventory safe, and keep temperature and humidity within limits.

Use our environmental monitoring systems to continuously monitor your refrigerators, freezers, cold rooms, data centers for immediate proactive solution

  • With builtin web server, readily view real-time temperature, using any browser
  • Easily manage and configure through the web server, no special software required
  • Full trends and graphs to view and analyze all stored data
  • Periodic data automatically sent through email
  • Configure alerts as required, with enhanced set/clear delays and options for repeat SMS
  • Escalate alarms if SMS not acknowledged by operations team
  • Multiple sensors from multiple rooms can be connected to one system
  • Get Email/SMS alerts on power failure, for timely action
  • Get notified when doors are left open beyond a specific time.
  • Multiple parameters, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Dew Point, Dust, VoC
  • Full, fast turnkey solution, including hardware, software, installation and training

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SMS Temperature Cold room monitoring and alarms SMS Cold room monitoring and alarms